Poor metadata assignment via Plex server

Brand new user here – considering buying subscription, but still in tryout mode until everything works.

Have a couple of uses for this app – first is to connect to a WD My Passport Pro when we travel. Second use is to connect to our PLEX media server (which is publicly available) when we travel.

On initial testing, I picked our PLEX server, and it quickly finds the folders. The problem seems to be with TV shows with episodes. My files are clearly labeled “show name - S01E01.mp4” or something similar. Instead of picking the correct TV show and art/metadata, it picks the wrong show (actually two wrong shows, one for each of the two seasons). It even shows the filenames wrong, as they are clearly named after the show, but Infuse shows the file names with the WRONG SHOW in the file name.

If this app is going to replace the PLEX client app, it needs to do a much better job. Is it getting metadata from PLEX or from the internet?

One other thing I tried was connecting Infuse to an older Seagate Wireless Plus streaming drive. Infuse sees it as a upnp device, but when I browse the files, the filenames are all wrong (similar to $1FE9890C.mp4). Completely unidentifiable.

Any ideas how to get Infuse working better? Later today I will be getting the WD My Password Pro wireless drive, and will copy over my collection to it and try Infuse with that.

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One thing to keep in mind with UPnP and DLNA shares is these are indexed views. In other words, instead of having direct access to the files each device presents Infuse with a list of files it has already scanned and identified. In most cases this works fine, but in other cases it can cause files to be renamed which can result in less than ideal results.

One way to workaround this is to connecting using SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV. Any of these options will allow Infuse to access the files directly, which will avoid all of these issues. FWIW, it looks like both the Seagate Wireless Plus and WD My Password Pro both support streaming via SMB.

So, the same is true when connecting to a Plex server? What’s the point of having Plex support if the results are bound to be wrong?

If the show name is the same as on thetvdb.com then it should be found. One common case for finding the wrong show is when the name on thetvdb.com includes the year name and you have not included it in your name. Maybe you should provide examples of ones that are not working for you so suggestions can be made as to what will work.

There’s one case we’re aware of in Plex that is affecting some TV show specials. This seems to be related to a recent change in Plex, and it’s possible there may also be other related cases. If you are able to provide a few more details here, or drop us a note we’d love to learn more. Contact | Firecore


“Schitts Creek - S01E05.mp4” comes up in Infuse as “Lieutenant Ninzaburo Furuhata - S1 -E5 - Episode 5”
“Schitts Creek - S02E01.mp4” comes up in Infuse as “HIGH&LOW - S2 - E1 - Episode 1”.

So all of Schitts Creek Season 1 is the Lieutentant Ninzaburo Furuhata episodes and all of Season 2 Schitts Creek episodes are HIGH&LOW.

One thing to try is using the Edit option to select the appropriate series name. This will also show you the actual filename that Plex is presenting to Infuse which may also provide further clues as to what may be going on.

If “edit” is the little pencil symbol, then when I choose that, I just get a search function. If I type in “Schitts Creek”, it finds it and reassigns, but I don’t see any filenames listed.
The artwork for both seasons under “All Shows” looks identical so there is no way to tell season 1 from season 2, but if I select either one, and go into that season, the correct artwork is shown for season 1 and season 2 (which is different artwork).

Confusing, I know…

Hmm, you should see a name in bold at the top of the “flipped” ticket. This is the filename that is being presented to Infuse.

If that’s the case, the name at the top is nothing like the real filename. Instead of “Schitts Creek - S02E01.mp4” it shows “Season2 - S2 E1 - Episode 1.mp4”.

It’s completely butchered and no longer even has the name of the show.

Thanks for the info. This may be related to the other issue we’re looking into. We’ll take a deeper look.