Point of Passthrough option

In infuse you get the option of setting audio to auto or passthrough

If I select passthrough I get no audio on true hd titles, while others its just white noise

Looking through older posts it seems this feature doesn’t work, so what is the point of the option actually being there?

This topic has been discussed ad nauseam and it pretty much boils down to Apple disabling the pass through somewhere around iOS 11 and hasn’t corrected it (yet). You can read about the recommended settings for Infuse here Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore

If you want more info you can read the thread “Help get Dolby Atmos” Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

There are some good nuggets mixed into that thread.

FWIW, we left the setting in place in the hopes Apple would resolve the bug that prevented passthrough from working in 11.3 and later.

With each day, it seems less and less likely they will be fixing this, and we’re currently planning to remove the setting for the upcoming Infuse 6 release.

When you letting the passthrough setting away in Infuse 6 then I have no reason to let my AppleTV 4K is on 11.2.1 !

I don’t no if this is good for me.

The setting will remain available if you are running 11.2.1 (or earlier).


is it possible to downgrade tvOS to 11.2.1 and use the latest version of Infuse Pro?
I don’t use my ATV for anything else besides Infuse.


You might be able to downgrade the 1080p Apple TV 4 but not the 4K as it doesn’t have a USB port. You’ll also need some way to run an old version of infuse that still had the pass through option available as it’s no longer there in version 6.

Either way the whole thing is unsupported so if you run into any bugs or issues I doubt the developers will be willing to help. If you really need pass through I’d recommend looking at something other than an Apple TV.

yeah, after I posted that, I came to that conclusion too.

I use Infuse Pro for everything except movies with atmos w TrueHD or DTS-X, because I’ve been told that the ‘object based metadata’ gets lost. I don’t care about the receiver not lighting up correctly as long as it is the same sounds for DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-HD.MA, and TrueHD playback.

It would just be nice to have it all on one system. I currently revert back to the Nvidia Shield for atmos w TrueHD or DTS-X. The gripe I have is that I believe the ATV has better 1080p video quality playback than the Nvidia Shield. I wish I could play that 1080p atmos w TrueHD/dts-x content on the ATV without loss of quality.

Agreed. Maybe the next version will have some sort of support. I had a Zidoo for all of my HT stuff but was running into buffering issues. Ended up getting a Tube Shield TV 2019. The only app I’ve found to run reliably on it is emby. I’m quite happy with it at the moment. I prefer infuse but apples hardware limitations are really holding it back.