Podcast crash appletv

Can someone please help me verify a situation to know if this is an apple or JB issue. 

For a while now podcast have been working fine, but are now crashing the tv. 


Here is what i have done so far:

Tonight i went to play a podcast (In Favorites) it crashed the apple tv, tried twice more and same thing. 

Updated maintainece to see if any change, but no change. 

tried searching for a podcast (TED) that play, add it to my favorites and it plays.

performed reboot still same concern

removed power, reinserted still problems.

removed podcast (TWiT: TNT) from favorites and searched and tried playing still crashes

tried Revision3 content, and crashes.

Tried another podcast and that works.


it seems like an apple issue, but dont know yet. Anyone have any insight?  

Nevermind at the moment i just got for the first time that the apple itunes store was down. The first time i got that message, but it looks like that could be the cause. 

I've been having the same problem. All the podcast I watch crash when I go to watch them through the podcast menu.


Update: Looks like Apple fixed whatever the problem was.