PNG filestype for folders artworks in Poster View Mode

Hi guys!

In my share folder I have subfolders (folders for movies or tv shows). All these subfolders contents “folder.jpg” or “folder.png” files for showing artworks in Poser View (I like namely Poster View and don’t like Library View because it is inconvenient for me to move between TV Shows and Movies sections, I like to have all of them in one place and one screen). The half of folders contents folder.JPG files and all of them are showing correctly. The half - folder.PNG - almost all of them now are “foggy” (see attachment). It started from v5.5.3 or 5.5.4 (sorry, don’t remember precisely, around one month ago or may be a bit earlier) and presents still now - v5.5.5. All these files present couple years on my drive in the same folders and from v4 Infuse showed all of them absolutely correct until 5.5.3 or 5.5.4. Problem appeared only in last couple versions…
So, the solution which I could find myself - convert PNG to JPG manually:-(((( It is not the right way because of a lot of files I have to workout:-((.
Who knows, is it bug or feature of new versions? Should I postpone correction or have to convert step by step?..

Can you post one of the actual folder.png images so we can test here?

Sorry. the problem has solved itself, just after moving out folders with problem PNG to temporary folder, reload main screen of Poster View of Infuse, moving these folders back and reload again. All covers are Ok. I didn’t understand what it was… May be something with cash… But now everything is Ok, thanks a lot and please close this topic.