PLZ help .can not update my atv 1st neither jailbreak got error

thx for your time to read my problems.  i appreciat every effort from anyone what ever the outcome .

i have apple tv 1st with 40 gig . 

this the situation:atv 1 is on  IR 3.0.1 it's the old menu . i was hoping to updat to the latest so i can get better interface. no matter what i did do .using wirless or connect to cable  or change dns to 888 as some suggest  always updat faild. i went ahead and try to jailbreak it with the 3.0.1..I did the jailbreak it shows the pinguin on top of apple tv means its jailbreaking . but at the end does not jailobreak the unit . it says that there is error error mounting oSboot partition cannot unmout/osboot/mnt:no such file or directory

imaybe becuz recently a hard drive was changed in the unit if this help. thx lot

TAKE IN CONSIDERATION  that i know little how to go around but not very clever in programing . plz  if any step by step how to solve this problem .
thx lot