Plugin Flash

Flash can be played on Apple TV 4.4.4? I’ve seen for 1G apple tv can with firefox and the library coreaudiokit.framework (Tiger OSX)

I hope not to have the wrong forum

No - there is currently no  way to play flash on the ATV2.

It was much easier to implement for the 1G model as that was Intel based.  The ATV2 is ARM based which makes it a much harder proposition.  All attemots so far have resulted in unacceptable performance.

Thank`s for your request.


If we make a vnc connection to my mac from apple tv 2?

Interesting question! I know that there is a VNC server for the ATV2 to allow you to see the ATV2 screen on your Mac, but I am not sure if it is possible the other way around. Even if it is I would suspect that functionality would be limited since the ATV2 does not support a mouse.

know any tutorial to install vnc on Apple TV? to test the above idea

The VNC server (Called ‘Exposed’) is installable is NitoTV. However how one would go about installing a VNC client I have no idea. I have not heard of a VNC client ever being ported to the ATV2.