Pluggins Not Installing

After upgrading to 4.0 I am experiencing the following problem:
Can’t install extras - They download, I get a message saying “Installation Successful, Rebooting Finder” but then I go back into it and it says they are not installed.
Any ideas?

Same here. Tried rebooting to no avail.

The ability to use USB external storage as primary is also gone.

Make sure that you run the NitoTV Smart Installer before installing some of the “web” plugins. I ended up restoring and redoing things because the plugins either wouldn’t install or didn’t work after installation because I ran them first before the Smart Installer.

For example, I kept getting a “Installation Failed” message with the QuickTime Web Plugin prior to running the Nito TV installer. Also, even though I thought I had run the Flash first in the past, the ATVFlash installer wouldn’t work and I ended up using the Nito TV one. This may be related to the same issue I had with QuickTime.