PlexMediaServer Movie in 2 parts

The ATV Infuse 7 Pro skips second part?

Following Plex naming convention.
Eg : Movie.Title.1080p-x264.pt1.mkv & Movie.Title.1080p-x264.pt2.mkv
Plays fine on ATV Plex Media Player.

Am I missing something?

Do these appear as separate files in Infuse? If so, if you enable Continuous Playback in Infuse > Settings > Playback, Infuse should play the next video automatically.

There is also a suggestion thread for adding full support for multipart videos, which you can follow/support here.

Oddly enough, the Feb 22 post above showing LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring is the exact same movie that I tried to watch tonight that skipped part II. The “front Page” showed the total run time correctly, but as I was watching it I saw that the time bar was half of what it should be. When it reached the end of Part I, it jumped to The Two Towers (second movie of the trilogy) and skipped Part II.

Where are we on this? I really don’t want to merge the two (I can, but they merge seamlessly in Plex so I never saw the point)…given that I haven’t used MKVToolnix lately I’m afraid I’ll screw it up) and I shouldn’t have to, but here we are…

Pretty hard to do that, honestly.

Add part one. Right click on part one, select “append” and append part two. Click start.