Plex with library mode

I installed Plex and created smart movie collections on atv 4K infuse pro.
First attempt worked and my collection show as added to infuse collections, which is what I wanted.
Second attempt, something went wrong. Collects show up but the previous collections ( ones the TMDB created have disappeared ), any suggestions on what I did wrong?
The ones from the first attempt are still there.

Are you using the direct mode or the Infuse Library?

Infuse library

You say the collections disappeared, did the movies that make up the collection also disappear or do they still show?

Did you check what you have in settings regarding collections here?

The infuse collection folder only, the collections showing in there disappeared. The moves are still available in other folders.
The only setting changed was the option for infuse library as the direct mode was default.

I rebooted the Apple TV and everything is working. Strange.

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Well there was an tvOS update today so that may have tossed a wrench into things. Glad it’s back.

Thanks for letting us know. :+1: