Plex with Google Drive as source


So I just bought infusePro to use with my Plex server and now have a few concerns.

The Plex server is on a remote dedicated sever and uses Google Drive as its media source.

I have added it as source in infuse and it is picking up the media, but it appears to be downloading the files (or at least parts of them) to get the information. I am a bit concerned that I will get hit with download bans from google if I just leave it running.

I found a few older posts about bans but nothing that recent, and they seemed to be more about using infuse with google drive directly. So I can see the potential for bans in that case.

I had hoped that as infuse has access to the plex server, it would get the information it needed from the Plex server itself, without having to download from google drive, but it looks like that may not be the case.


There’s no question you’ll be banned if your library is large enough and you connect directly to GDrive. I get banned every single time, multiple times, I need to get my library on a new device. Adding a new device means I’ll get two 24-hour bans in a row without doubt; I’ve just accepted this reality. I usually plan my Infuse scans in the middle of the week, so I’m not too affected on a weekend.

Read these and support them (vote):

If you’re using Plex, then Infuse should connect directly to Plex, though it’s still possible Infuse will download parts of each file to analyze.

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Damm, thought this might be the case. Yep my library is definitely big enough :wink:

Edit: Sorry I replied too, quickly and didn’t read the last line of your reply, so ignore those questions.

Couple of questions if I may,

Are you using infuse directly to google drive or with Plex and plexdrive in between?

And so even if I have Plex using plexdrive, infuse will still traverse through google drive rather than using info from plex?

As looking in my gdrive admin I can see files being downloaded, but I think only small parts.


Unfortunately, GDrive does not care how much of a file is read, even if only a few random bytes. That’s an API request, regardless of it reading 4kB or 40GB. I’m not familiar with what Infuse needs from GDrive, if anything at all, when connected through Plex, but ultimately, I would suspect, it does not matter what path these requests take. 25k requests going Infuse->Plex->GDrive or Infuse->Gdrive are the same to Google, who will instate the ban. I find it odd that Infuse still connects to GDrive when scanning an indexed Plex library, but I don’t know the details. If Infuse still causes API requests via Plex, I don’t see how Google would care to differentiate.

The only thing is that I do not see any api requests in my google console (i am using my own api key) when infuse is loading the library, just the downloads in gdrive admin audit logs.

So if I was going to get banned, I would think it would be for hitting the download limit rather than api requests, if google is counting these small downloads as the full size of the files.

I guess in the absence of any reply from staff I guess I may just have to try it and see what happens…

I use Plex w/Rclone and GD and no issues with Infuse relating to bans. The problems seem to be connecting Infuse directly to GD from the other posts.

Why do you think it’s downloading parts of the files? I added my Plex Library on my phone and my ATV and didn’t see any requests to download any parts of the files.

Thanks for the info Animosity022, I probably should have posted the question on the rclone forum, as I guess it’s you there as well :wink:

If I look in the gdrive admin console I see requests for the files while infuse is scanning

And messages / notifications in plex saying “finished processing Movie title”

I added my ~45TB library and let it sit on my ATV doing it’s thing. It took roughly 15-20 minutes once all was done. It seemed like it was just hitting plex for all the file information/metdata as if it ffprobe/mediainfo’ed or did something to hit a file, that would have taken many hours.

Yep. Same user as on the rclone forums :slight_smile: I was trying to find a nicer plex client that direct play’ed everything a bit more and with the recent changes to Infuse, I’m quite happy.

Thinking about it, it could be plex that is requesting the files rather than infuse.

As I see that “Finished processing” message sometimes when I view a movie page in plexweb

It might be the fact that the item isn’t analyzed as the ‘processed’ usually comes from getting metadata and/or analyzing the file.

I use:

To check my library and see what isn’t analyzed.

You can manually analyze via:

I don’t do any deep analysis as that really isn’t needed.

Thanks for the info, I’ll go and check out scripts.