Plex vs. Jellyfin?

I’ve been using Plex for 8+ years, and I’ve been using Infuse as my primary playback app for a couple of years now. I’ve been pretty content with Plex, but I’m also always on the lookout for newer/better options. I’ve been seeing Jellyfin mentioned quite a bit recently, and I was wondering if anyone could share their thoughts on if/how Jellyfin is superior to Plex. I bought a lifetime Plex Pass when I first started using Plex, so I don’t have any ongoing cost with Plex. In terms of performance and/or features, does Jellyfin have any advantages?

I just try Jellyfin yesterday, it had most Plex have but interface wise, Plex did it better to organise.

Jellyfin looking up on film in your drive is kind of freaking slow, after 1/2 hours scan, not even 10% of my movie is listed.

Jellyfish is nothing special if you already have Plex pass. Jellyfin was great as alternative choice for the reason it is free only.

Is Jellyfin fully open source? They don’t really say that specifically on the site.

Jellyfin is at early stages I’d say. Sounds like you don’t need much beyond your current perfectly fine setup so why fix something that’s not broken.

I personally tried jellyfin because wanted to customise the web player for my friends connecting to my server. But have given up quickly. Jellyfin is very experimental still, not ready for an average user yet imo

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Yes, it is. From our site:

Jellyfin is Free Software, licensed under the GNU GPL. You can use it, study it, modify it, build it, and distribute it for free, as long as your changes are licensed the same way.