Plex vs Infuse (much slower seek speed)

I really like Infuse interface and subtitle rendering better then the Plex Client, however it is really slow to seek and start playing. For demonstration purposes I’ve recorded a video with both players bellow.


  1. Both players are streaming from a remote Plex Media Server (100mbps connection)
  2. Transcoding is disabled in Plex Client
  3. I’ve tried connecting Infuse directly through SFTP but that is even slower than through PMS

Any advice on improving this?

Screen recording:


You might try changing the ‘Streaming Cache’ option in Settings > Playback from Auto to Legacy to see if it makes any difference with your setup.

Hi @james thank you for the reply. I’ve tried that but unfortunately the speed doesn’t seem to have improved. Still way slower than with Plex :frowning:

Can you replicate this issue and tap the Email Us option found in Settings, then post the 5 digit code it gives you here?

Here you go: 1MEMP

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Any findings?

There have been a number of playback related improvements in the recent updates of Infuse for Mac.

Please give the latest 7.0.6 version a try and see how things go.