Plex Video misfire


I have a Mac mini for a year with Plex and streame without error SD and HD movies. This I have stored in m4v and mkv. Well, I was hoping for a other room that I can do this with ATV2 and Fire Core. I have a gigabit network. Unfortunately, I have constantly in the movies misfire. It is constantly recharged. As if the buffer does not exist. If I put the movie on pause and 1 min. wait, the film runs through longer. The misfire are then not so fast.

Too bad that this is actually not what I hoped. I have found no setting of a buffer. What can I do to ensure that the films are played flawlessly.

I even in Plex client already set to 480p. Still hooked to the film. I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 server with Plex. The movies are streamed from a Synology NAS. My Macbook and my iMac reads from Synology NAS with 75 megabytes per sec.


Best regards Martin

Probably not helpful, but you can likely rule out the quality settings. I have an analogous setup with media stored on a NAS (older D-Link), PMS running on an '06 vintage mac mini with ios and AppleTV Plex clients running no problem. 

Are your files at 1080p? If so, this might be too much to ask of the 720-only ATV2.