Plex versions not working

Hi, so I have my Plex connected to infuse , with some shows I have multiple versions eg 1080p,2160p , however anytime I play a show or add to my watchlist I have the 1080p been played for me ( I have select version and play version set to highest quality), unless I am doing something wrong is it a bug? Any suggestions will be appreciated

Just to double check, do you have Smart groups selected also?

Also, I don’t use plex or the other servers so I don’t know if it would matter but are you using Direct mode or Library mode for your plex connection?

Smart groups is selected and Plex is connected as direct mode

Are you using Direct Mode or Library Mode?

Are these items merged into a single item in Plex? If so, were these items merged recently (after Infuse had scanned the items)?

If you long-press on the Play button in Infuse do you see a popup to select a version?

I am using direct mode, the items are in different folders in plex, (movies, 4K movies , tv shows , 4K tv shows ) . If that answers yours question

Just to clarify, Plex (and Emby and Jellyfin) have a feature which allows you to group multiple videos into a single title. This allows you to have both a 1080p and 4K version of a movie in your Library, but have it appear a single item instead of 2 separate items.

To confirm videos have been merged into a single item you can look at the details page in the Plex web UI for the Versions text.

You will also see a Play Version option listed in the menu, and selecting this will prompt you to select a version to play.

More info on this feature can be found here.

Thanks for the clarification, with the current Plex setup I have I think the versions have been separated, it doesn’t appear as merged…

You should merge them

Yeah, will do that