Plex versions and "Watching"

I use Plex integration in my set-up and encode many movies in two separate qualities. The Plex “Play version” works perfectly from Infuse.
However, I noticed that whenever I stop watching a movie that exists in multiple versions, the next time I come back to Infuse it doesn’t show on top under “Watching”.
They will in Plex though.

Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look.

I’m still having all sorts of sync-issues with “Continue Watching”, it seems all random. One day a not finished movie is there, the other day it’s gone although still present in Plex client/app. Is there a conflict with Trakt? Is it not possible to have Trakt-sync with Plex integration? I believe Trakt is necessary for family sharing to work?

Right now the attached images are screenshots of Plex and Infuse apps att the same time.

same here, using infuse direct play on Plex, quit watching, no movies appeared on Watching list…

If using NFS/SMB, the watching list behaved properly.