Plex users support

Bump for multi-user support. I tried IPTVX as an alternative, but it doesn’t have native Plex/Jellyfin/Emby support.

Please bring multi-user accounts to Infuse!

Here’s a tweet from 2018 from Firecore/Infuse about support, still nothing.

Voting for multiuser Plex support…

And again,

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Thanks for notifying me, I’m new to posting on a support forum like this. I have gone in and liked a bunch of threads related to future features, but Multi-User Support is definitely on the top of my list of improvements!

I also voted for this issue since this is a deal breaker for me to be honest. Infuse looks really good and promising but multi user support for Plex is a must in my opinion.

Will this feature be implemented or not? If yes, is there a timeline?

Thanks in advance!

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You can read the pinned threads about suggestions and their tags here.