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Hi I’ve just started using Infuse after using Plex App.
I can’t use profiles with Infuse. Do you know when this will come or is it getting worked at?
And can I somehow now select a default used from my Plex home?

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I moved your post to a currently running thread for this suggestion.

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Is there any news on this plex multi users support?

Now that I’m tinkering with Plex, I find that Plex multi-user support not available in Infuse to be a serious issue, especially on macOS and Apple TV.

We all have our personal iPhones and iPads, but we share the Apple TV.


Sweet moses… it’s been years. I just subscribed to infuse in an attempt to solve some of the bizarre issues with the plex client. Unfortunately I must have user profiles for the family. Not having them is a 100% dealbreaker.

Seriously, this needs to be implemented. I just saw MrMC has this fully implemented.

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But MrMC is ugly. :person_shrugging:

Not to mention dead for the last 15 months since the devs vanished.

Is there any news on Plex profile support on Infuse? It’s really a missing feature.

It’s hard to implement ? Because it’s a feature I want absolutely and I’m sad to don’t see it on the roadmap

The thing is, Infuse, with or without a media server running as a backend, is a single-user program.

But why can’t they do direct Plex access like for instance MrMc that would connect direct to the backend fluently and still maintain their own skins?
Then you didn’t need to load metadata etc. twice.

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This is the only feature missing between me and starting to use infuse.
And I see it’s been asked for years by many people.
What’s going on?

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+1. This is very much needed if you have kids.

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Is there any update on this feature? Do we know if this is actually planned? This is definitely needed especially when you have family that wants to watch Dolby Vision videos that don’t play on Plex on devices like ATV… it’s been broken for ages. Right now the only way to connect Infuse is by logging them directly into our account which is definitely not ideal.

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Hi. This request started around 2018. It is now 2022. Wouldn’t hold my breath. We have been “begging” for this for a very long time with no traction…

Going to have to reconsider my sub to Infuse Pro if certain Plex features likes this aren’t implemented. Between Discover, profiles, and a few other small things, I’m not feeling the Infuse love as much as I did 4 years go.

It’s a good thing the Plex app on AppleTV is such hot garbage… otherwise it’d be easy.


Profiles I absolutely agree.
As for Discover…the exact reason I uninstalled PMS for the final time.

I just like the trailers integration for upcoming movies. I don’t need the other Discover fluff, I suppose. Would be cool if Infuse somehow incorporated a movie trailer feed/database like Plex.

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