Plex- upload insanely high

Hi everyone,

So, ive been using plex on my appletv sec Gen past few days, and everything works. I Can play video, play music, the server can find the cover’ everything works perfecly. 4days later, i noticed that my upload data vs my download rate bandwith was arnomal on my bill (4 gigs of download and 25 gigs of upload). I tried to turn the server off for some days and the bandwith was the usual (4gb of download, 1gb upload).so that was the problem. At firts i was thinking that maybe its connected trough the internet and not locally, i unplugged my internet cable and kept only the local connexion. Everything works.

I dont wantto unppluged all those cable each time i watch something, but i dont want to have insainly high uploading bandwith (im in canada an we dont have unlimited data).

Please help,
Thanks a lot,