Plex update didn't work, so I did something stupid

The plex upgrade did not work for me today, so I did something stupid.  I updated my Appletv2 over the air and figured I would just re-jailbreak and reinstall atv flash.


Unfortunately, the appletv never rebooted properly after the update (i got stuck on the apple screen).  Then I tried to restore it using itunes and itunes would not install the latest firmware saying I was not authorized for that build (which makes no sense – how can you not be authorized for the most recent build?).

So now I have a bricked appletv that won’t boot up and won’t go into DFU mode when I try to rejailbreak it.


Am I finished?  Has it been permanently bricked?



I have seen this behaviour if you are connected via WiFi as the WiFi settings get lost and the ATV2 hangs trying to join the network. If this is your problem the answer is to switch to wired Ethernet (at least temporarily) after which the WiFi settings can be re-done.