Plex Up Next / On Deck List? Reorder Main Page?

I am now migrating over to Infuse with the new integration functionality and love the UI! I have two questions that are keeping me from making the switch completely:

  1. Is it possible to enable an Up Next List / On Deck for TV Shows similar to Plex?
  2. Is it possible to re-order the main page? For example, I just added TV Shows Recently Added as a list but it is near the bottom and I would like that to be near the top
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Welcome to the forum, and to Infuse! :slight_smile:

We’re working to integrate syncing of items from Plex’s On Deck and Continue Watching sections into Infuse, and plan to have this available soon.

Re-ordering items on the main page is also planned for an upcoming version.


+1 for these features. These are the two at the top of my list.

Otherwise very happy with the Plex integration!

Awesome! That’s amazing news. Great job on the app and the new interface!

+1 for adding On Deck and Reordering/Filtering/Customization of the UI

It looks like On Deck is now available as of 5.7.1, but I don’t see where to enable it on ATV4K. It’s not one of the things I can favorite

After connecting with Plex, On Deck will be added automatically.

It can also be found (and added as a list manually) by tapping the Library item on the home screen.

Ahh… it’s in Library! Thank you!

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