Plex: Unable to find client profile

Hey there,

I’m a happy Infuse user, using the latest apps on an AppleTV, iPhone and MacBook Pro in combination with a Plex Media Server.

Whenever I use Infuse on the MacBook Pro, Plex shows the device as iPad. Looking through the Plex logs this error message pops up every 5 seconds:

Unable to find client profile for device; platform=macOS, platformVersion=, device=Mac, model=

I don’t know if this is something to worry about but still wanted to share as I couldn’t find anything related to this on the internet.

PMS Version on a Synology NAS
Infuse Version: 7.4.4329 on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro, Ventura 13.2.1

I don’t believe this will cause any issues, but we’ll look into this.