Plex TV Shows suddenly appear under OTHER

I wanted to post my experience/solution for others who might fall victim to this bug.

I have had a Plex server for years and nothing has changed about it. I have Infuse on my iPhone and iPad Air. Yesterday, I bought a new iPad Pro 11 and did a restore from an iCloud backup.

As part of setting the new iPad up, I go through each of my important apps. I tapped on Infuse and when I went into settings (fully expecting to have to log back into my Plex), it showed my Movies count correctly, but TV shows was zero and Other was 1,771. I checked Infuse on my iPhone and clicked on Library and as I watched, the count under TV Shows moved to Other! Since my Plex is correct, it seems some sort of error on the part of Infuse to categorize TV Shows as Other since they are in my TV Shows library on Plex!

In any case, after a bit of troubleshooting, I discovered if I simply removed my Plex folders from Infuse and added Plex back in, Infuse would categorize TV Shows correctly. After loading artwork and details, everything seems correct now.

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sorry for not contributing/helping but i am also facing the same problem