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First, your home movie clips will fall under the “Other” category since they aren’t in the databases that Infuse pulls metadata from.

As to the TV shows, most likely the files are not correctly named for Infuse to be able to search the correct database and pull the artwork and metadata. The users guide here

will give you the formats necessary to have it work. A basic structure such as “Game Of Thrones S01E01.mkv” will usually pull all the artwork and data right away and will be shown in the TV section of the library.

If you’d like to provide a sample or two of how you have your TV shows named we can probably get things ironed out for you. :slight_smile:

Hi James,

I’ve just tested it and same issues persist under latest update

If I look at one of the items in other and hit refresh it goes into tv shows correctly, but I have approximately 600 episodes I would have to do that with

Also even though I’ve used TinyMediaManager to save all the metadata as nfo files in each folder, only some of the shows have populated into the tv shows sections, yet they are all in the same naming convention. I’ve tried updating some so the files include the episode name where possible.

I’ve sent the diagnostics code via email, hopefully that may help


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I think I’ve resolved the issue.

Even though Plex was updating the titles and showing with Plex correctly, they weren’t coming through to infuse as tv shows.

When I added Season 8 of Got this was added into the TV shows on infuse, so I forced a full refresh of all data for TV shows in Plex and they are all showing in Infuse now.

Odd as I had refreshed the shows manually and they never came through.

Also was looking at instructions posted above about Metadata and refreshing on library, this seems to be out of date as only Metadata option I’ve got is under the main settings and is global with individual libraries not being able to be modified

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Thanks for following up.

It sounds like Plex may have had some weird cached info for these shows, which was cleared up by a refresh.

Do let us know if this reappears in the future.

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