Plex TV indexed under “Other”

Something has changed. I use Infuse Pro on and off with my Plex library. It’s been a month or two since I opened it, and now all my Plex TV shows are listed as “Other” rather than television.

I did read a few suggestions - clear metadata and allow it to reindex. Same thing. I’ve seen some suggestions that strike me as “ehhh… doubt it” including file naming and “use local metadata”. Since it is served via Plex, I can’t imagine this matters. I turned off use local metadata to check, but I’m not renaming anything because the likelihood of not a single video out of 13,000 being recognized because of its name is a bit silly.

Does anyone have any suggestions? This had worked fine. Never ever seen this issue before, and now I can’t get it to stop.

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Those suggestions you received are bizarre if what you see in Plex is accurate.
Are you saying you were told that on these forums?

I fluctuate between my Plex (mounted on Google) and using Infuse directly with Google.

The point being I delete and then re-add Plex via Infuse VERY often.

It takes minutes for my 140TB and never fails.

So have you deleted the share and then re-added it?

About 1/2 thru this thread, the conversation turns into one about naming and metadata - by a staff member. There is some testing of the files using SMB rather than Plex near the start, but the topic goes back to using Plex as the connection method…

I honestly don’t recall if I deleted Plex and re-added or just deleted the metadata assuming that would be close enough to a reset. I will try deleting and re-adding. Nothing else seems to work.