Plex Tv collections in infuse

When will plex tv collections be available in infuse other than thru adding the tv library as a favorite in infuse and browse the full tv library?

I thought it was solved in direct mode but seems it isn’t?

Would be nice to be able to have the tv collections on the Home Screen as you can with movie collections among other things.

I don’t use plex but maybe this post may help?

No that’s not it.
Are you saying that it should be possible to place TV collections in infuse Home Screen? Because I see no TV collections when editing the Home Screen in infuse and choosing what should be visible and not. Only movies collections.

Plex TV collections will not be pulled into the Infuse library, but you can view these and pin them to the Home Screen when using direct mode.

Check out this post for more details.

ok, thanks for the information.

But what about the “unwatched” collection/list?
i cant seem to find a way to add a unwatched list like the one available when infuse library is enabled.

When using Direct Mode you won’t have access to any of the Infuse library categories.

However, you can create smart collections in Plex, and pin those to the Plex Home Screen. Once pinned there, they can be added to the Infuse Home Screen.