Plex transcoding 4K HDR to iOS in the future?

I heard from James that in the future Infuse update there will be Plex transcoding.

Is it possible to have Plex transcoding a 4K HDR and send to iOS Infuse and have the app map HDR → SDR?

I currently have the iPad Air 2 (A8x chip), and it will not able to play 4K. With Plex transcoding 4K movies it will able to play, but I’m not sure about the HDR part. Not sure even the 2017 A10 chip can display HDR video…

We haven’t started working on the transcoding feature just yet, so it’s not clear exactly what the limitations will be. However, once this process begins we’ll be sure to post more info on what types of videos will be supported on what devices.

FYI, all A9 and later devices will support HW decoding of 4K HEVC. The HDR > SDR tone mapping is handled by Infuse and won’t be affected by the device type as long as the underlying HEVC video can be played.

In my iPad 2018 with A10 Fusion some 4K HDR HEVC videos play smoothly, some do heavily buffer, and the picture is clearly washed (typical of HDR content on SDR display). Yup, I double checked it now, since there has been an update. One video just gets half stuck loading after a couple of seconds.

The same videos on ATV 4K (wired) play just fine. Also when I forced the SDR output the tone mapping was more realistic. Is it something you’re still working on?

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