Plex transcode

If I enable Plex transcoding so people can remote stream from my server I get 1 sec random lag when I stream locally. If I disable transcode it runs smooth on my Apple TV 4K 2nd Gen. Funny issue. Anyone know what’s going on and maybe provide me with correct transcoding settings?

Transcoding requires hardware resources. What‘s your server capable of? Probably not enough to provide fluent playback for the client.

BUT: Why do you need to enable transcoding in the first place? I figure the remote client uses Infuse? That should lead to direct playback (i.e. no server resources needed). Only bottleneck in this scenario would be your internet connection (upstream) in case it’s a home server setup.

Does that help?

Remote client uses Plex (only option Samsung TV)
I have fiber 1000/1000 and server is Mac mini2018. But no problems when I disable transcode locally. But remote users can’t stream then…:man_shrugging:t3:

Sounds like a plex issue. Best to take it up on their forum.

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