Plex Synology Delete to Recycle Bin

Not sure if anyway will have the answer, but I have my plex setup running through a synology (Ds918+). Delete works fine through Infuse Pro 5 but Synology DSM is set up to use a recycle bin on that share and the deleted files don’t go there. It may sound stupid, but I’d like them to go to the recycle bin of that folder so before they are completed deleted as a safety message. Any suggestions?

That’s exactly why I have “File Management” turned off. I much prefer the two step method of deleting files. I prefer to do it on the server instead of wondering who clicked what and “where did that show go” quandary.

That’s probably my best bet, but I was hoping to allow deletion through the infuse app (file management = on) and have to ability to recover later if needed. The delete from app seems really convenient like a DVR.

This is probably something synology will have to look at. From my experience with enterprise NAS is recycle bin support over network has to be supported by the client operating system.