Plex Support + Optimized Versions

I like to sync to my iPad for flights and the Plex app is terrible at this so I’ve started used infuse6 with a Pro subscription and it’s been great so far, however is there a way I can trigger Plex to create an optimized version for the iPad and sync that instead? Really just want to maximize my storage for long flights.

Welcome to the forum.

This feature is not supported in Infuse at this time, but I’m going to move this over to suggestions.

If that doesn’t turn out to be possible, choosing which file version to sync would work too, as I could optimize in advance on the Plex side and then just sync the mobile optimized file.

You should actually be able to do this in the current version.

For example, if you have multiple versions of a title stored in Plex, Infuse will ask you which version you want when downloading.