Plex Subtitles


It looks like Infuse does not get subtitles from Plex when embedded in metadata.
Since my movies folder is read only, I have setup SubZero to write the subtitles in Plex’s metadata.
This works fine from Plex’s iOS/Web apps, but infuse only seems to pull the subtitles if they’re embedded in the video container.

Any thoughts?

Infuse will support both internal and external subtitles in Plex.

However, if the subtitles were added after Infuse cached info about your videos, you may need to use the Refresh option in Infuse to ensure the subtitles are picked up correctly.

Thanks for the reply. I gave it another shot and subtitles don’t come up, at least on tvOS: they only do when embedded in the source mkv.

I have not tried to setup a more classic plex server where subtitles are saved next to the files, but to be fair I also had trouble with that with their webapp. It’s very possible that this is a Plex bug.