Plex subtitle (and audio) selection

Plex media server supports custom settings for the default subtitle and audio tracks. In Infuse, if I set Audio to English, playback uses the Plex custom setting. However, if I set Subtitles to English or Auto, Infuse does not use the Plex custom setting. Does Infuse have access to the Plex custom settings so that it can use them? How does Infuse decide on which audio and subtitle track to use when streaming from a Plex media server?

Infuse can override the settings you have in Plex, based on the options you have set in Infuse.

With Auto enabled, Infuse will use the language settings of your device -and- honor the ‘default‘ tag, if present.

When switching from Auto to a specific language, Infuse will use that language and ignore the default tag.

OK. Thanks.

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