Plex speed test no longer working in 6.4.8

James. Just an FYI. With 6.4.8 I can no longer run a speed test against my Plex Server. The test times out when browsing for a test file. Playing video from the same Plex Server works just fine.

Hmmm, this is working here for me.

Can you try

  1. Restart Apple TV
  2. Use the Settings > Add Media Server > Connect to Plex option in Infuse to re-authenticate

If the issue persists, please send in a report (via Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the code here so we can investigate.

James. My fault. I didn’t see that I had two Plex entries in Settings > Shares. I tried Speed Test for the Plex Server listed in Saved Shares, i.e. Plex Server DLNA. And I recently turned off DLNA support on my Plex Server.

Speed Test works just fine for a Plex MEDIA Server setup. I feel bad for wasting your time! Sorry.

No worries!

Glad to hear everything is working. :slightly_smiling_face:

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