Plex Sort Title

Hi There!

Wondering how I can get Infuse to sort by the Plex Sort Title?

Currently it seems to sort by the Title which make sense as a default I guess.

But the problem is that I would like to have all the movies in a collection together sorted by release date.

Take for example The Fast And The Furious Film Series. All of the movies are all over the place in my library because their titles are all over the place.

The first movie “The Fast And The Furious” sorts under the “F’s” where as the second movie “2 Fast 2 Furious” sorts before any alpha characters because it start with a numerical number “2.” This is just one example of many.

Yet when I open my Plex library folder within infuse everything sorts based on the Plex Sort Title.

Is the ability to sort by the Plex Sort Title possible? If not any plan to add this functionality?



This post may help.