Plex Sort options & Features

Hi Everyone & @James

With the fast approuching release of Plex intergrations, I was wondering if you would be open to adding some more sort options that a lot of Plex users are used to having? and maybe features?

Would really love the ability to see total episodes left to watch in the corner of the poster, I know currently you have the Circle which shows progress but for TV shows I feel a number of episodes will be better?

I really hope you would considering adding the ability to sort by episode total? this is a big feature I and I am sure a lot of plex users use? I like to have the show with the least amount of episodes left to watch at the top.

Thank you James / Infuse team, really hope you will add some of my suggestions above.

Many Thanks.


Wish I could vote more than once for the ability to show the number of unwatched episodes, It gives you an idea of how many you are behind quickly. I like to wait until a few backup so I can binge them. Having that information up front, vs having to navigate in and out of series and count/compare is kind of a pain. First world problem, I know, but aren’t all the suggestions for infuse :slight_smile: