Plex Smart Groups Naming Convention

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I am attempting to get smart groups working correctly and my question is pretty simple. If I have two files identical movies but just different resolutions, should that be picked up in the pre-playback screen? (Right now I only get the option when I click play) Second, since I am using plex. It seems like if I name Movie 1 {edition-1080p} and Movie 2 {edition-4k} they have to actually be split in plex’s library. Is there any chance we will have smart groups pick up movies that are merged in plex’s library?

My understanding is it works a little differently through Plex:

There is also a related suggestion thread you can follow here.

Hi James, thanks for the response. I also had a question on which artwork the smart group picks up, I noticed that when I have smart groups going it isn’t picking up the Moviename-logo.png. Which one does infuse pick when there are multiple editions/versions being grouped?

If you’re using Plex, this will be pulled from Plex instead of using external artwork.

So even with metadata fetching disabled it will still reference plex?

Correct. The Metadata Fetching and Embedded Metadata options have no effect when using Plex.

That explains why when I use jellyfin it has logos!! Thanks James.

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One more follow up, say I am not using plex, how does infuse choose which -logo.png to work when there is a smart group? Does it just use each one when you highlight the edition?

Each item can have its own artwork (fanart, logo, etc…), so you can add a unique image for each version, if you want.

If a local image for a specific version is not present, then Infuse would use the images from TMDB.

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