Plex Smart Collections

I’ve been a on/off user of Infuse since 5. It’s always been, at its core, a better media player then anything Plex has ever had and the other core functionality has come a long way. But one thing (I could be missing) that is missing is the smart collections from plex. I have a few setup for directors and one for a random 30 movies (which is similar to pick of the day) but the one I miss the most, is my Smart Collection for recently released/Added collection where the date added was within the last 3 months and the date released was within the last 5 months. And it orders it by date added. (Another issue is sort order of collections isn’t adhered too in infuse).

Any thoughts when Smart collections might make it too Infuse?

You might be lucky, I guess.

It seems to be on the roadmap for the very next version 7.3.5

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Plex Smart Collections are supported in today’s 7.3.5 update. :slight_smile:


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