Plex Smart Collection order incorrect

Hi James,

Good work!

When I have collections as a list on the Home Screen (on Apple TV) the order is releaste date ascending with the oldest film first.

I does not change aswell when I’m sorting by Title.

I’m using Plex Smart Collections as fallback if that menas anything.

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Same issue here, all of my plex smart collection are now forced into release date ascending order in infuse.

I was going to raise the same ticket. The order is completely changed in infuse :frowning:

Also, any word on tv show collections?

Are you saying the collection order when displayed on the Home Screen is different than what is shown when viewing the collection through Library > Collections?

Is this a collection created in Infuse or one create through Plex?

This is a smart collection created in Plex. The order is release date DESC. So movie A, B, C … but in Infuse the order of the collection AND when pinned is movie C, B,A. Always oldest movie first.

To clarify… the order in Library > Collections seems to be incorrect also. I have only tested with a smart collection. Have not checked other regular collections. So Library > Collections AND pinned to home screen are not the correct order based on the Plex order.

Did these appear with the correct order in a previous release? (obviously not on the Home Screen)

I unfortunately didnt test before. I was just excited that pin to homescreen was added so decided to test this new version.

Not to derail… but any plans on adding tv show collections?

Thanks. Just trying to determine if this is a new issue or not (or I don’t recall seeing reports of issues before…but not sure how many people are using smart collections).

Support for Plex TV show collections is planned for a future update.

I just started using smart collections from Plex aswell. The library have same order as the list.

Will try ordinary collections :slight_smile:


Plex Collections does not work in the list view.

The release date is correct when you enter Library and see collections/films newest to oldest but when you enter the collections its oldest to newest.


I think this is and old “issue”.

If you have the MCU collection, you would like to start with Iron Man and end with Dr. Strange 2. Not vice versa. And if I remember correct this is the way collections are built for best experience.

But for me (and perhaps a lot other users) whom uses smart collection / filters as "Action/Drama/Thriller/00s " would have a descending order (preferably random).

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@james , I restored to 7.4.3 on my M1Pro Mac, I can confirm all my plex smart collection in “Library > collection” are sorted as Release date ascending in Infuse 7.4.3, so it’s old issue.

I think it’s probably due to the fact that Plex ordinary collection is always sorted by release date ascending in Plex itself, and Infuse doesn’t take care of plex smart collection well, so this bug only reported when Plex collection become actually useful in 7.4.4


Hi @james do you think this will be fixed in the next update?

@james any update on this bug?

Any update on this?

Any update ?

Any update ?

Hello :slight_smile:

Any update on this ?

Hello :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since the researching tag was added to the topic, it could be nice to have another feedback.

Any more specific status ? Pending | Still working on it | Abandoned ?

Hi! I admire your persistence.

Nothing more to say, really … I don’t use Plex.
But good luck!

Is this just abandoned or still being researched?

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Happy to have smart collection but sort order is a must otherwise smart collections are mostly pointless. Hope this is fix soon!!