Plex smart collection on update

My wish for infuse was a smart list, so when I saw there was now support for plex smart collection, I got excited.
But since I don’t use plex, does this mean if I install plex, create smart collections, I will be able to access them through infuse if I change the infuse setting for plex?

There is also custom collection support coming for non plex users

Waiting for smart list for infuse only users has been a long wait.
I was hoping some of the plex users would advise if this new feature was worth it and how well it works.
I may have to install plex and try to figure it myself.

Since no plex users gave any help, I installed plex on my laptop, created smart collection lists, connected plex to infuse and guess what. It works, I now have smart lists.
It is extra work to do things this way, but I found out what infuse didn’t give me by using infuse only.
I’m now using plex and infuse to manage my collection until infuse does it all and I can go back to using one app.

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