Plex skip commercials / credits

Plex metadata support markers for intros, commercials and credits that (in the native Plex apps) provide the feature to skip it. Currently only skipping for intros is supported in Infuse but not for commercials or credits.

I could find a few posts but those have been closed and merged into other posts. Like this which resulted in only getting the intro skip feature or this which is doesn’t have to do with EDL files. So I hope my post will not meet the same fate and be merged with something it has nothing to do except a few keywords.

Currently the Plex metadata from the server API provide something like this in XML

<Marker id="96725" type="intro" startTimeOffset="256513" endTimeOffset="277897">
<Attributes id="96725"/>
<Marker id="96725" type="commercial" startTimeOffset="0" endTimeOffset="168840">
<Attributes id="96725"/>
<Marker id="96725" type="commercial" startTimeOffset="1337080" endTimeOffset="1591500">
<Attributes id="96725"/>
<Marker final="1" id="96725" type="credits" startTimeOffset="3175392" endTimeOffset="3354880">
<Attributes id="96725" version="4"/>

We can see markers with different type attributes. “intro” is already implemented in Infuse, “commercial” and “credits” are not. So I guess it should not be something completely new just some little enhancement/extension of previous logic.

IF type = “intro” THEN show_skip_button(“Skip Intro”)
ELSE IF type =“commercials” THEN show_skip_button(“Skip Commercials”)
ELSE IF type =“credits” THEN show_skip_button(“Skip Credits”)


I saw the previously closed topics and can confirm this is different. Skip commercials button does not appear in infuse (skip intro works as expected).

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