Plex server vs NFS

I’m getting around 200-300Mbps speeds via NFS streaming from Synology NAS to Apple TV.

I get around 900 Mbps if I use Plex server.

If I stick to NFS, what am I losing? Isn’t 200 Mbps enough for a single user streaming high bit rate UHD stuff?

I will also occasionally use my other apple devices like Mac to stream using infuse.

Would you recommend any other protocol over NFS?

If you connect to something else via WiFi then your speed will go down and you could take advantage of the plex speed improvement. I personally use nfs and can stream Blu-ray’s just fine. Don’t try doing 4K over WiFi though.

FTP is another one people use that is generally much faster as well

I use wired connection on Apple TV.

I keep losing SMB mounts on the Mac and has to reconnect often. Does NFS halve same issues on Mac?

I have not had any issues connecting nfs with my Mac

I can’t seem to connect to Synology via NFS on Big Sur.

Is NFS treated differently on Mac than Apple TV?

Big sur handles NFS differently. I ended up having to use a third party utility to mount NFS shares. I don’t have my Mac in front of me so I can remember what I used.

If you get better speeds with plex just go with that. It’s faster and if you somehow get an android or windows device you can connect to the server with that as well.

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What this all boils down to is that the best option to use is what works for you. If you’re getting problem free performance using NFS on the Apple TV then stick with it until it doesn’t work.

Different options work for different users. Some have no problem with SMB others can’t use it. Some only use plex, others don’t. That’s the great part of Infuse, there are many different options that will get you to where you want to be.

I wouldn’t add another piece of server software to maintain just to add what could be possibly unneeded overhead.

Why spend the extra time working on unneeded changes when you could be watching another episode or movie? :wink:

I should clarify that I connect directly with AFP, but infuse via NFS works just fine on my Mac

Plex has stuff like smart playlists and cross platform sync.

Also, there seems to be some issues with infuse regarding non-HDR content. For that situation I can simply switch to Plex temporarily.

I’m going to stick with PMS as database, infuse as frontend. It will require more work and overhead but I’m going to stick with it for the Time being.

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