Plex Server import/sync Trakt watched history

The Trakt plugin for Ember/Jellyfin servers allows multiple users to import their watched history to keep everything up-to-date on the server & Trakt. Does something similar exist for Plex?

I have found plextraktsync but it has no GUI (terminal only) and it looks like it can only run for a single user.

Yeah there’s nothing natively for Plex, because Plex have no idea what Trakt is.

There did used to be something for multiple users when Plex allowed Plugins.

EDIT it was last updated nearly 3 years ago but this is that something

Since the depreciation of plugins it will also require kitana.

Both the scrobbler and kitana are referenced here

Again it’s more than 3 years old so I have no idea if it will work.


Thanks @Hitsville I was hoping something has changed since I last checked. I might need to stick to Jellyfin because Trakt is essential for me.