Plex server and metadata library size

Hi, I have infuse linked to my Plex server. I have noticed that with the metadata library file size is over 2.0gb. I have only embedded metadata turned on. Is there anyway this can be reduced as it’s obviously taking up a lot of space on the iPad.

Also since the update the actors pictures when clicked don’t show all the films that actor is in. Any ideas why?

I can’t comment on your first point, but in regard to the second point of not all TV Shows/Films showing up when clicking on an actor, I encountered the same problem. My solution was to clear the metadata again and let Infuse complete a full refresh. After that, no problems.

One thing you can do for Plex (as well as Emby and Jellyfin) connections is to disable the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found in the share’s settings.

Doing this will prevent artwork for your entire library from being cached, and instead just cache small amounts (as needed).

Thanks James.

I did try that (I assume that’s with the toggle not being orange) on pre cache for the Plex server connection?

I think I will have to remove the link to Plex as it’s using over 2gb of storage for the metadata.
Shame as I like using infuse.

I did try that and still no good. It only shows the film the actor is in which you click his picture.

Thanks though.