Plex preview thumbnails and transcoding

I just purchased Infuse Pro for Apple TV 4k and love it! I just have a few questions. The main reason I wanted to switch from native Plex app was because video preview thumbnails do not work when transcoding, only when direct playing. Infuse direct plays, but there are no video preview thumbnails (when scrubbing). Is this on the timeline to be added?

Also I was wondering about transcoding. Will there be the option to transcode video at a lower quality through plex?


All of your question are addressed in the first post of this thread in the “Suggestions” sub forum :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I see live scrubbing is there but do not see mention of transcoding in lower quality than original.

5.7.3. … Versatile transcoding options for Plex

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I clearly can’t read lol
Thanks! So glad to hear these features are being added.

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