Plex plugin - setting up using a Mac

New to this. I jailbroke using seas0npass, then installed firecore and downloaded the Plex plugin. It now shows Plex on the main Apple TV tab-menu bar (along with Internet, Computers, Settings and Maintenance). However, the only options under Plex are “Server List” and “Settings”. Going into Server List shows no servers in the list. Settings offers an option to set up a server, but I have no idea how to do that, or how to get my Plex content (which runs fine on my Macbook) to show up.

Hi Im new to this to and I am also having some issues on this can someone pls help?




You need to install the “plex server” onto another machine, which will serve your files.  For example my setup is:


a) A NAS storage / Fileserver with TV, and Movies on it

b) Another laptop/desktop or for example a virtual machine (VM), in my case running Windows XP, which will be running the plex server

c) An ATV running plex client


The server scans the files, creates all the metadata (picture art, etc) and then streams the actual video to the ATV.  The beauty of this is all the processing takes place on the other server/desktop/vm machine, making it all rather smooth!


Thanks for the quick reply!

So what is the difference between Plex and XBMC? There are the same pretty much? Also I have Media Player which is also very similar. 

Is XBMC the only one I can stream movies online via Icefilms?

Sorry with all the questions.


To be honest, I’ve not actually used the media server component of the atv black software.

XBMC is very similar to Plex, but XBMC does all the processing and storing of the metadata itself, I’d guess on the actual ATV itself and will use the storage on that device for it’s metadata and database. 

If you’ve got a spare machine kicking around, which would be on 24x7, I’d go with using PLEX myself (well, which I did!!!).


use the newer plex server 

For Mac 

For Windows



also if you install plex through atv flash maintenance folder. it will not work. you need to run commands in terminal. 

for a clean install of Plex: Make sure you have the lastest Plex Media Server Version


Instructions how to get PLEX (0.10 BETA) on a Jailbreaked Apple TV 2 (4.4.4):


Be sure your Apple TV2 is on

1) Start Terminal on your iMac


2) Type: ssh root@apple-tv.local


3) Type: alpine (the password)


4) Type: wget


5) Type: dpkg -i com.plexapp.repo.beta_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb


If you have an older version installed please remove it first:

6) Type: dpkg -r com.plex.client-plugin


7) Type: apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin


8) Type: killall AppleTV

You just copy and paste the commands. 


Hmm…not my experience. I installed Plex using atv flash maintenance and it is working flawless.

I tried several times couldn’t get it to take. I think if you had a beta version on atv flash 1.2, when you update there are some problems.