Plex plugin : ffmpeg using 100% of CPU

ffmpeg using 100% of CPU on the Mac where Plex Media Server is placed. None of the other plex applications on ios (Iphone, Ipad, etc) has this issue. 

This is to bad , because this is the one thing that makes me want to buy this product. 

I have the same issue on my macbook running plex media server. 

100% use of cpu when playing 1080p movies on the aTV.

80% use of cpu when playing 720p movies on the aTV.

Everything below this use 100% -80% cpu the first 5 min, after that it is all good. 

Only accurs with the use of plex with aTV 2. 

Anyone know why this happens? low on ram? transcoding problem :1080p -> atv(720p) perhaps ? 


Macbook 2Ghz , 3G ram