Plex on Macbook Pro and Black ATV

Hello Everyone. I have atv black flash running on my atv 2g os4.1. installed plex on both my macbook pro and apple tv but when I go to play a file it says "An error occurred loading this content. Try again later". I directed plex on my laptop to grab movies and music from user/music/itunes/media. Any help on how to correct this?

I’m in the same boat. Someone please help

You have to update to the latest beta version of Plex this can be done by following the prepare the media server section in this tutorial.

I’ve already done this, before using atv black I just used pwnagetool and via ssh installed plex and it worked. When the beta from atv came out I figured I’d do that because it’s an easier way to manage the extensions so it was worth the $20. So I restore my appletv and used atv black. After reinstalling Plex I now get this error