Plex not scrobbling to Trakt



Just thought I would try out Plex. I installed from the Firecore Maintenance menu and it works OK. However it never scrobbles to I can play something from my PC with the Plex web interface and it scrobbles fine. There’s no settings available on the Plex preferences screen on the ATV2. Any ideas?



How did u install it from the Firecore Maintenance screen? It is not listed in other plugins for me. I have XBMC installed, but Plex Client is missing from the screen for me.

Bump here - same for me, no Plex client in the maintenance window.

This is very annoying as I only updated since it was supposed to be supported.

Another way to install it manually?

It was in the maintenance list for me above xbmc…

With the new 5.3 untethered with the atv flash black 2.4?

Not sure… I haven’t re-jail broken it may be 5.2