PLEX Not running MKV

So I have the following setup:

  • 1x MKV-File 720p

  • 1x AppleTV (2nd generation/black)


The MKV file has no problem playing in FireCore’s native Media Player. But I am currently using PLEX (installed from FireCores 3rd party list). PLEX does see the file (and artwork) I can even press play, but it then shows me one frame of the movie as if it was paused. After waiting a long time it still won’t play. Do other people have this problem?

I find it weird that MediaPlayer does play the file, but FLEX doesn’t.

Is there a solution?

I would think you are more likely to get an answer to this is in the Plex forums than here? FireCore does not supply or support the Plex player - merely give a link to install it from the Maintenance menu.

Okay I am sorry I did not know.

Don’t worry - posting here does no harm. I just thought you would be more likely to get a useful answer in the Plex forums.