Plex no longer installing to 5.0.2

This is now really getting up my nose. Periodically I update to the latest whatever to see whats changed. Usually theres not much to keep me there so I downgrade again, jailbreak, and install ATVFlash… followed closely by both Infuse and Plex.

So what has changed? Is there something in the upgrade to latest that changes something regardless of jailbreaking on older firmware, later?

Here’s the thing. I’m jailbreaking with known good Seasonpass on known good 5.0.2 firmware (for my ATV) but now, if I dare to try installing plex, I get as far as relaunch which I do, and then… nothing. No signal, or else a stuck Apple logo.

Anybody got a clue because I am finding this to be intensely annoying. I LIKE Plex. I like infuse too, but just not as much as I like Plex. Its good to be able to pick up where you left off on the ATV, on other devices which isnt possible with Infuse, as I discovered to my disgust, after paying for it for iOS and finding it not doing the job I expected it to… (I think you are supposed to be able to use it streaming from your drives… but it has never worked for me, at all. The best I get is downloading to my device and god knows I have a bazillion other apps that do the same thing).

Anyway, all that aside.

a) Does an upgrade make a major permanent change in spite of later jailbreak on older firmware?
b) has there been a change in Seasonpass? (I thought I was using the same as earlier in the year)
c) Has the actual ATV flash firmware changed to the point where plex is no longer an option, even though it shows up? I’ve noticed Kodi is now listed, where it was not, when I last went through all this, a few months ago. So theres something different. BUT you arent allowed to use older ATV flash versions, it seems. I tried, with 2.3. Nope. Not allowed (thanks James :P)

I want my Plex back!!!

How is Plex being installed? Through the Maintenance menu, or manually via SSH?

I do everything via the maintenance menu, and the only additional install, apart from Infuse, is Plex.

Subsequent to that last post, it actually got installed, got as far as the “you need to restart the appleTV” thing, and then, I just got stuck in a boot loop. No signal… trying to find one… no signal… rinse and repeat.

I’m now on 5.3 and using Infuse but I really do wish Plex was functioning back on 5.0.2

OK I’ve given up and bought a Samsung BR player with smart hub. At least I now have a functioning Plex.

Hope there is an update to ATVFlash(black) soon, looking forward to seeing what we might get on later software.
[edit] Hilariously, now I have spent good money on something I wanted but didnt need… I had one more shot at installing Plex on 5.0.2… and dammit if it doesnt work! downgrading the Plex server so it will work to send to the ATV and all is well with the world. I did not install Infuse this time around, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, I usually install that first, but not this time. anyway, all good and I am NOT touching it again!!