Plex - no content

I have purchased Lifetime Infuse from the App Store for my iPhone 6s Plus & connected to my Plex Cloud library & it looks great with all the thumbnails for Movies & TV Shows but there is no content. If I drill down beyond the thumbnail I get the message “Empty Folder Move along, nothing to see here”. This is true for every TV Show & for the Movies fonder.

Is there a link to how to set up Plex? I cannot find anything & I think that I must be doing something wrong as everyone else says how great Infuse is with Plex.

Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately Plex Cloud is not fully supported yet, but this is something we will be working to add in an upcoming version.

That’s a shame as I use Plex Cloud for all my Plex viewing. Please could you document? I would not have bought Infuse if I had known that it doesn’t work with Plex Cloud.

The rival app MrMC works very well with Plex Cloud.